Thursday, September 22, 2011


a place of my own
where the table can be set
ready to receive

By appointment, I saw a space today, up on 15th ave, near Group Health. It's perfect. The rent is right, the hours are good, and the space is abundant. I will have plenty of room to set up my table and move around as I work.
For a start, I will not be using the room full time. And it is going to take some weeks while the previous tenant is moving out, and I move in. But I know where I am going to be. There is parking right across the street, and a number of bus lines pass right by the building. It really is a great location.
And, not trivially, the rent is less than I expected to pay by about a third.
When I have a firm move in date, I will put the address on the website, as well as here.

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