Thursday, January 3, 2013


Winter has begun,
Time to lay to rest concerns,
Prepare to renew

Been a while since last I wrote. A lot of work has come my way at the studio, much of it from the Groupon specials I have been running, but not all. Yelp, Google Plus and Facebook have all been good to me, as well. And of course Twitter.
Winter has started, and is in full force. A cold and dry one, for the most part, this year. Sometimes we go two or three whole days without rain. Which is a blessing, of a sort. Any year Seattle escapes snow is a blessing, in my mind.
And the new year is, of course, a time of resolutions. Generally, people like to resolve to give something up. As with Lenten celebrations, in the church I grew up in, the theme is one of sacrifice, of letting go. But that said, I was also taught that it need not be only that. It may be effective, and useful, to also begin something new. Give up cake, take up jogging. Give up sugary soda, begin swimming. Give up smoking, take up massage.
Making massage, self care in general,  a part of your new years resolution is a good way to reward yourself. Not just with a luxury, but with a truly beneficial practice, that reduces your stress and increases your immune system.
So as you explore your new year, and try to find ways to make or keep your resolutions, remember to do things to reward yourself for what you have done. You should feel good not just for what you have given up, but also for what you have taken on.