Saturday, October 1, 2011


Music of the spheres
gentle rhythms carry sleep
discordant desires

One of the aspects of my Day Job that I am least fond of is the music.
It is not just that the music is bad (and it is) or even that I do not like it (I don't). I can accept and appreciate different musical tastes, and working as I do in an environment where there are a lot of people from different places, musical tastes are going to vary widely.
All that said, it is still massage. And music to accompany massage is not the same as music to accompany coffee or shopping for a book. Massage is supposed to be relaxing and healing. Hawiian style cover bands singing Beatle songs, is not conducive to the environment I want to create in my massage.
I will not play that music.
Of course, there is also the Celtic Harp / Indian Flute new age healing and meditation music, which is pervasive at Salons and Spas. Many of the CDs are actually marketed to and designed for massage therapists, advertising that they will create a safe and relaxing environment where healing can take place.
I will not play that music.
First and foremost, music should be what my client wants to hear while getting a massage. AC/DC? Flogging Molly? Johnny Cash? Bring your own CD.
If you leave it up to me? Moby, Bobby McFerrin, and Vitamin String Quartet.
If you bring a Josh Grobin CD,  I will even play that. There will, however, be an extra fee for it.

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