Wednesday, September 7, 2011


digital shingle
declares business open
the web is my door

I have a website. A permanent place of the internet, to help me get the word out. Right now, of course, it mostly says "Coming Soon". Hours, rates, locations. Contact information. But it is up, and declaring me ready to come to your house to do massage. Soon, it will also have the location and hours for my studio. There is, however, the trivial matter of not having a studio, just yet.
The website fills me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I appreciate that I have enough technical knowledge and experience to be able to make it happen with a minimum of fuss and bother.
On the other hand, it reminds me how very glad I am not to have to do this for a living anymore. Having been a technical writer for a time, designing and implementing online help manuals and other such documentation was a good career for a time. It was not as stable or as long term viable as I could have hoped.
So, now I do massage, and I get to apply my online web design skills and experience to telling the world about it.
So, check out my website and keep an eye on this blog for the latest updates, specials offers and maybe even the occasional discount.

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