Thursday, November 1, 2012


rain falls from the sky,
gathers into a river,
line around the block

Working, as I do, on my own and in my own space, I have the distinct advantage of setting my own rates, and creating my own specials. If I want to offer a friend a discount, or barter for services, I have that option, as well. By the same token, I am solely responsible for my expenses. I have to pay the rent on my space, take care of the laundry, maintain my supply of ... supplies. It all falls on me, and I have to be the one to balance it all.
Fortunately, my expenses are not overwhelming, and I am good enough at math to be able to set reasonable rates without breaking anyone's bank.
My basic, off the street rate is $65 for 60 minutes, $95 for 90 minutes, $130 for 120 minutes. I accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Of course, if you decide to pay cash, I give a $5 discount.
Also, if you rebook with me within a month of your appointment, I will get you in for $55 an hour, $80 for 90 minutes, $95 for 120 Minutes.
And if you wake up one day, or you are at work, and you decide or find that you really  need a massage, and you need to see me today, I offer Same Day special rate of $35 an hour, $50 for 90 Minutes, $70 for 120 minutes (same price, cash or credit). Call it a reward for procrastinating, but the offer is subject to availability. No other discounts apply.
As for specials, I have a few. I give a "Check in" special discount as well as gift certificates through Yelp!. Also, I have a Groupon Deal coming soon. And I have a few other special deals in the works. Watch this space for new and announcements as they happen.
Finally, there is barter. I happily accept service for service. In particular, I need to talk to someone about  book keeping and accounting, as well as seeking some interior decoration. Feel free to drop me a line and ask, if you have goods or services to trade. We may be able to make a deal.

(Update 11-2-12)
I should maybe make this a separate post, but I have no wish to waste your time and bandwidth. And it is, frankly, a short addition.
With the new location, I am offering a new referral program. After you come to see me, tell your friends. When they come to see me, have your friends tell me you sent them. Five referrals and you get a free 60 minute massage. Or, if 7 people come in (for at least an hour each), they you get a free 90 Minute massage. I keep track of it all. No cards to carry, no online services to check in with, no apps to download. Easy, convenient and rewarding. Just as it should be.

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