Thursday, October 18, 2012


Step on to the path

the road rise up to meet you

sometimes it's easy

I have a studio now, and it is awesome.

It is bigger, at least twice as much square footage as my previous location. While that is not going to have much effect, make much difference to my clients, it means I do not bang into walls, or kick my shelf units, or make a lot of extraneous noise while I am moving around the table. It means I can position myself to get better leverage, and really dig deeply into those stubborn muscular knots that require more attention.

It is more central. Being in Ballard, I am closer to and more accessible. Of course, since I am not in the middle of Ballard, there is plenty of free parking (around the back). Also, close by the #40 bus line, and only a few blocks from the D Line Rapid Ride (at NW Leary Way & 15th Ave NW). Right off the Burke Gillman trail, it is easy to get to no matter how you get around.

It less expensive. Literally, less than half my previous rent (in fairness, rent at my previous location was enough to pay for a studio apartment on Capitol Hill). Being independent, I can set my own hours, and my own rates. And pass the savings in rent and overhead on to my clients.

My website has all the location, contact and booking information. Check it out and ping me if you have any questions.

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